The secret to staying motivated

It has been said that desire is the starting point of all achievement. If you want to accomplish something, it can't just be a hope, a dream, or a wish. It must be a burning desire that can often be described as an uncontrollable obsession. It must be a thought that transcends everything else. It must dominate your thoughts as well as fuel your passion and drive.

Most successful people don't embark on their journey saying, "I hope to someday become successful." They literally think about it each and every day, and do everything in their power to make sure it happens. They want more than anything for their desire to become reality. They live it; they breathe it; they obsess over it; and they don't make excuses when things don't go right.

Motivational speeches and videos are a great way to help push your desire to new levels. But there are literally thousands of them all over the internet so how do you find the ones worth listening to? We’ve found the best way is to do a simple search on YouTube for keywords such as “bodybuilding motivation” or “motivational speech”.

One of the better speakers is a man called Eric Thomas, who has countless amounts of motivational speeches which then get edited into bodybuilding videos by enthusiasts around the world. You’ve more then likely already heard some of his work, and if you haven’t you’re missing out!

The video below features Eric Thomas. Give it a watch before your next workout and watch your motivation go sky high! To get even more out of it, load it onto your iPod and listen to it during your sets to push out those last couple of reps…after all, they’re the ones that count!